Dyslexia Is Sexy.

Don't be ashamed


Dyslexia is a condition in which some people – people who are otherwise normal and healthy – have difficulty associating letters or combinations of letters with the sounds that those letters or combinations of letters should make when reading them. Dyslexia is NOT a disease. It is a very common, often misunderstood condition that can be effectively treated. Not treating Dyslexia can lead to the affected persons having low self-esteem, poor academic performance, and the denial of opportunities for advancement in society.


The key is early detection. The mission is to ensure that dyslexics are identified and know what they have. The goal is to make dyslexics feel better about themselves and believe in themselves. The key is letting children and adults with dyslexia know that just because they cannot read they can be as smart or smarter than their peers. Dyslexic children need to know there is nothing wrong with them and that they should not feel ashamed because, with help, they will be able to read and to enjoy life just like people who do not have dyslexia.


Some of the world’s most successful, most creative, and sexiest people have dyslexia. From Albert Einstein, to Steven Spielberg, to Sir Richard Branson, to Walt Disney, to actors Harrison Ford, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly, to Superstar Cher – they are all dyslexics.


It’s no longer a dis. Dyslexia Is Sexy.™


In collaboration with the The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity we are helping to remove the shame and stigma of dyslexia.


aka "The Sexy Dyslexic"

When he was a child, the man who was Angela Basset’s love interest as Minotaur on the hit FX TV series, “American Horror Story,” actor Ameer Baraka, was called “dumb and stupid” by his own mother. His teachers humiliated him. They didn’t understand. What was later diagnosed as dyslexia after he became an adult made it difficult for him to read. His resultant feelings of shame and his lack of self worth led him to become a juvenile delinquent, using drugs and facing time behind bars for the commission of senseless crimes. His new, very productive life, contributing to society, inspiring youth, speaking at schools around the country, training police departments in police-community relations, testifying before Congress on the subject of dyslexia, and helping others in myriad ways was almost tossed asunder in the form of years behind bars, all simply because he couldn’t read. Now an accomplished actor, eductor, and author of the acclaimed book, “The Life I Chose – The Streets Lied To Me” ( he is here to tell every kid and every adult that being dyslexic is not a death sentence and that they, too, can become anything that they want to become. Early detection is the key.


It’s no longer a dis. Dyslexia Is Sexy.™

Famous dyslexics

In collaboration with the The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity we are helping to remove the shame and stigma of dyslexia.

Ameer Baraka

Actor, Activist


Actress, Comedian






Actress, Singer




Producer, News Host


Activist, Actor

Dyslexia is sexy

Muhammad Ali’s Daughter, Miya Ali, and Ameer Baraka Announce Dyslexia Diagnosis Day

Important Dyslexia Legislation

Every day, politicians, legislators, and concerned citizens are hard at work trying to reform existing laws and introducing new laws to help children, young people, and adults suffering with dyslexia.  Miya was bullied as a child with dyslexia and her personal mission is to reach as many young people as possible to let them know that someone cares for them and can help them develop the special talents within them.  Ms. Ali feels that the young people with dyslexia who are teased and bullied, as she was, and who hurt themselves or others – or worse – as a result, can and must be reached.  Join Miya Ali, the daughter of the “Greatest Dyslexic of All Time,” Muhammad Ali, and Ameer “The Sexy Dyslexic” Baraka, in the fight against dyslexia.  Together we can win!

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Ours is not a campaign, but rather it is a movement, a movement whose mission is to create a distinction between “having dyslexia” and “being dyslexic.” People “have” diseases, but people “are” somebody, and people “are” special. We want people to be proud to say “I AM dyslexic.” It’s no longer a dis. Dyslexia Is Sexy™


In collaboration with the The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity we are helping to remove the shame and stigma of dyslexia.