Youth Empowerment

Circle of Courage Mentoring Program:

Circle of Courage is based on a Native American tradition of positive youth development. We have embraced this tradition because we believe it is our responsibility, as elders, to help youth develop into positive young men and women. And we have created a mentoring program to assist them on their path of personal growth and development.

The Circle of Courage Mentoring Program is designed to help youth become successful students and positive role models. This is accomplished by providing group and one-on-one sessions with mentors. Our mentors listen and talk with youth about their life experiences as well as their grades and other issues that are important to them.

The following outcomes guide our program activities:
• Improved academic performance
• Enhanced social and emotional skills
• Reduced delinquent and disruptive behavior

The Circle of Courage Mentoring Program serves students from the Recovery School District in Orleans Parish. The program is conducted during the academic year and includes a six-week summer institute. Mentors guide students through personal growth and development exercises using the Twelve Values: Discovering Your Personal Power curriculum developed by Khalil Osiris.

Youth who participate in the program are trained to be peer leaders. As peer leaders,
they are encouraged to:
• Develop positive thoughts and values;
• Take responsibility for their words and actions; and
• Apply what they learn to help others as well as themselves

:: Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility: A Faith-Based Approach for Successful Reentry examines the way in which faith empowers people to get out and stay out of prison. With 2.4 million Americans in prison, this is a seminal work needed to change lives of those incarcerated and those newly released from prison. After serving 20 years in prison, Khalil Osiris transformed his life using faith as a pragmatic guide to a better life. His program offers an opening case for how individuals can use faith as a powerful tool for personal transformation. The message in this program comes straight from the heart. Khalil Osiris’ personal odyssey of love, loss, hope and redemption will make any audience sit up and take stock of their lives.

:: Get Out and Stay Out

More than two thirds of prisoners will re-offend and return to prison within three years of their release. With 2.4 million Americans in prison, this constitutes a national crisis. Get Out & Stay Out examines the ways we can reduce this high rate of recidivism by confronting the self-imposed limitations that lead prisoners to re-offend. With powerful personal stories, great insight into the psychology of incarceration and passionate dedication to the cause, Khalil Osiris leads us on a journey to discover the transformative power of approaching ourselves and others with dignity and power. The result is a blueprint for how to stop recidivism and turn lives around. It’s a message for all of us, told with breathtaking honesty and genuine compassion.

:: Psychology of Incarceration

Psychology of Incarceration is a community reentry and recovery program. It is based on criminogenic needs research and restorative justice principles. This program focuses on the relation between state-imposed sanctions and self-imposed limitations. It is designed to promote cognitive, emotional and behavioral ownership among incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women, particularly as it relates to their reentry and recovery.