Dear Friend:
My name is Ameer Baraka, an actor who has many movie and TV credits and who
has a large role in the new HBO TV show Treme and mentor to the highest risk youth
in New Orleans. For the past two years I have devoted myself to the mentoring of
youth using the Circle of Courage Mentoring Program at the Booker T. Washington
School. Using this method we train our youth in new thinking skills and values. The
results from our efforts demonstrated that expulsions, suspensions, fighting and drug
use all declined because of our efforts. Working in Booker T. Washington I came to
discover that many of our students were extremely intelligent and with our support
would come to lead productive lives. Many of the youth, without both of our help, I
mentor will drop out school, be imprisoned or even die before they reach graduation
Your contribution to the Ameer Baraka Give a Hand Fund will allow disadvantaged
youths to experience the opportunity of being in a safe and productive educational
environment attending Brother Martin on Elysian Fields Avenue or Ursuline Academy on
Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans. These schools are among the best regarded schools
in the New Orleans. All donations will go to support this endeavor and will be monitored
by a prestige board of directors. Please make a tax deductable donation today using
your check or credit card.