‘American Horror Story: Coven’s’ Minotaur is New Orleans actor Ameer Baraka

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29 October 2013
American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Coven.' (FX)

Becoming “American Horror Story: Coven’s” Minotaur isn’t the most striking transformation New Orleans actor Ameer Baraka has undergone. Which is not to say it’s easy: Four hours in a makeup chair, then hours more sitting bolt upright and nearly naked on the freezing set to keep the anchoring gear for the prosthetic, radio-controlled Minotaur head in place between takes makes for a long workday.

“I was excited to work with prosthetics, because I’d never really done it before,” Baraka said. “I was very, very excited until around the second day.

“It was tough being in that suit. You’re just dying to get it off, the head part. It’s extremely hot in there because there’s no cooling system. There’s an electrical system that makes the ears move and everything. You’re constantly hearing this ‘woo-woo-wooing.’ You can’t hear anything outside, but inside the mask you hear that.

“I see why people like Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence get paid so much. Having that on all day, it’s horrible.”

And wonderful. Baraka, who has had recent TV roles on “Treme” and “Breakout Kings” while also building a credits list of film roles and modeling jobs and partnering in a production company, is getting to work in his hometown with the “Coven” company of actors, a powerhouse lineup that includes Kathy Bates,Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett.

Baraka made his debut on the show in its premiere episode, playing a slave who sparks the ire of Bates’ evil character, based on French Quarter ghost-tour specter Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

By Dave Walker, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

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